Allensworth, CA 90% commission real estate split

90% Commission Real Estate Split Program

Plan D is a 90% commission split program to the agent minus $135 errors and omissions insurance per transaction per side. 10% of the total commission goes to the real estate brokerage in Allensworth, CA and there is no limit on the amount of real estate transactions you can do.

Plan D is the simplest 90% real estate commission split program in Allensworth, CA we have for agents and real estate brokers. There are no sign up fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees and no sales price limit because Plan D is a percentage based on the total commission amount earned. With this program, you have unlimited real estate broker support and you get paid directly from escrow. There are no minimum sales quotas, no long term contracts, no franchise fees and every plan comes with a free real estate back office system (CRM) that is state of the art.

The Fine Print

Plan D: The Broker’s real estate transaction fee is 10% of the total commission amount plus $135.00 errors & omissions insurance per transaction per side. The Associate-Licensee keeps 90% of the commission and may charge their commission split plan every 6 months.

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Agents receive 90% commission and 10% of the total commission goes to the Allensworth, CA real estate brokerage. There are no franchise fees, no sign up fees, no desk fees and no sales quotas.